Hi, I'm Steph, of Full Spectrum Development, a designer & developer making the web a better place.

Looking for a website or Shopify store for your business or blog? Whether you’re looking for something simple or sophisticated, I can create a custom website and/or store to meet your needs!  I’d love to chat further and see how Full Spectrum Development can help you achieve your goals!

My Services

Websites and Shopify Stores

Have you been wanting a website for your business or blog, but can never seem to find the time to sit down and design it? Do you have a design, but just need someone to bring it to life? Or, are you looking for a custom-built Shopify store to sell your products? I can help!

Website Design

I can create your layout, customize your User Experience (UX), and ensure all the elements of your site are on brand and exactly what you’re looking for, while ensuriung visitors to your site have a smooth experience.

Price: $2,500+ 

Website Development

You know what you want your website to look like, from the color scheme to the navigation and even the font. I can bring your design to life, taking it from your mind and on to the screen!

Price: $2,500+

Shopify Store

Ready to launch your online store on Shopify? I can help! Whether you are looking for a basic page selling a few items, an in-depth site with multiple pages and hundreds of SKUs, or something in between, you can finally have an online store that you can’t wait to show the world!

Price: $1,000+

Hosting/Website Maintenance

Looking for a hosting provider for your new or existing website? Got a prebuilt site that just needs a little TLC each month to keep it running at its best? I can help! With several options, we’ll find the best one for you!

Price: Varies, ~$40-50/month

Virtual Assistant

Ever wish you could clone yourself as there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get done everything you have to do? I can help! From scheduling pre-written emails,  entering invoices, editing blog posts, or any other task that you would love to get off your plate, I am here to make your days a little bit easier!

Price: $35+/hr 

Professional Copyediting

So, you’ve written the book you’ve always dreamed of, but want someone to review it before sharing your creation with the world, right? I can help with that! I’ll make sure no grammar or spelling error makes it through to the final draft, as well as make suggestions for improvements. Whether a short e-book or your life’s story, I’m excited to work with you!

Price: $0.015 to $0.018 per word (genre-dependent)

Video Captioning & Transcription

Have you ever wanted to get your videos captioned or transcribed to make them accessible to a wider audience? I can help with that! Whether you are looking for captions, a transcript, or both, for one video or one hundred, you’ve come to the right place! 

Price: $1/minute of video

Other Services

Need to get some thing(s) off your plate so you can focus on everything else? Whether your to-do list is big, small, or somewhere in the middle, I can help!


If you're ready to hand-off important technology tasks that don't fit your own to-do list, you should talk to Steph. She's thorough, precise, and responsive. I knew whenever I had a website problem, Steph could fix it... or find a solution. Her automation experience helped me save time on a wide range of recurring tasks. And thanks to Steph's follow-through and attention to detail, 100% of my marketing emails went out on-schedule. You'll be lucky to have her help.

Karl Sakas

President, Sakas & Company

Hello! I’m Steph.

I’ve been in the digital design space ever since I got my hands on my first laptop. I often made PowerPoint presentations to convince my parents of something and have loved designing using a computer ever since (though I can’t draw a straight line on paper to save my life!). Having built and worked on many websites and Shopify store sites, including the one you are reading this on, I am excited to help you reach your personal and/or professional goals through a custom-designed and built website or Shopify store!

Need something else to help move your dream business or platform forward? I can help with that too! I’ve been called the “Jack of all trades” by a former client, so let me know what you need!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the pup’s name is Monty 🙂 

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